Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • santiwar
    07-24 11:15 PM
    I contributed once in the past for (100 Bucks). I am feeling the pinch lately because of all these I-485 filing expenses ( i know, it does sound like a lame excuse :p ). Rest assured, will be contributing in the future..

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  • a_yaja
    01-08 09:25 PM
    free "EAD and AP" for life what are you talking about??
    People who filed I-485 after the July fiasco (starting with the August 2007 bulletin) paid a higher initial fee ($1010) - but they don't have to pay any EAD & AP fee - either the first time or for any renewals.

    Look at the "Special instructions" sections of the following URL:

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  • kishore.salla
    11-07 11:14 AM
    Hey indyanguy,

    Me too in the same boat, got Masters in US, unfortunately got stuck in EB3 due to ill advice attorney.

    Please share any more useful information on this.


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  • anandrajesh
    12-18 10:40 PM
    bumping this back up
    MN members, please post here and join us
    we have only 9 people so far
    there are surely more of us

    Are we gonna have a concall sometime soon to discuss?


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  • prasadn
    01-07 04:10 PM
    Thank you.. I guess i will just mail my application... So if my application is received before end of OPT date..That would be fine right.. I hope it doesn't matter when they start processing ??

    Could someone answer my below question please ??

    Also my another question is with Form I-765
    Question 11. Date you applied for previous EAD ??

    Notice Date
    Receipt Date
    StartDate of Previous OPT
    ExpiryDate of Previos OPT
    Granted Date(How do i know that??)
    Received Date

    Thank you...

    I have applied for EAD for myself and spouse 3 times now, and filled up the start date mentioned on previous EAD for question no. 11 against the date(s) field.

    Hope this helps.

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  • pappu
    05-31 03:59 PM
    Please do not start new threads on the same topics


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  • snathan
    02-22 10:57 PM
    Is there a specific stage in the process till which point i have to be in US. If I go back, I will go back to India on a job with the same employer and can come back later with the same employer. Thanks.

    Technically No. But you never know what USCIS will ask for

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  • chmur
    03-23 10:42 PM
    H1B extension takes 2 months . You are 4 months out from your trip out of country.


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  • shukla77
    06-12 10:07 PM
    Got exact the same RFE for me and my wife. Will see what happens next week.

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  • yabadaba
    02-28 01:39 PM
    Thanks Y,
    I was thinking more along the lines of transfering from US Public education school system to either ICSE, CBSE or Maharashtra Sate Board.

    Upto what standard would it be relatively eay for a child to adapt and integrate into the Indian system ?


    honestly i dont know. when I changed schools and in the process boards, the most difficult transition for me was from the UK board to the ICSE system. but this was almost 18 years back (man..cant believe it) ...the indian system was still learning by rote...heavily focused on tests and exams. from what i have heard recently there have been major changes specially at the elementary school level. there is less emphasis on homework and tests and more of a focus on projects and learning by doing.

    As a parent of a 13 month old, if I ever decide to go back, I would probably go back before my kid is in the 4th grade. This would be because they really start establishing their identities by the time they are 8-9 years old. They can still adapt fast enough but the major focus has to be on us as parents to smooth out the transition and give them the support system they need.

    If you want a seamless transition, I would agree that 1st grade is probably the best bet. By that time their accents and all can easily be adapted, without a major crisis.


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  • Kodi
    07-14 12:28 PM
    I was looking at the discription but couldn't figure it out. Which category does parents fall into? Does anyone know hot long it takes for parents to receive GC under ROW?

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  • gvenkat
    03-20 04:04 PM
    i think any form of protest will get u arrested.. rally is a diff thing... ppl have to realise all these immigration benefits are a privilege and not a right... its just so plain unlucky that so many of us with Master's Degree were forced to file in EB3.

    Change of government is the only way. Bottom line is no one cares about us... cos we dont have a vote, we play the taxes, we pay SS/Medicare.. they know we will be here until we are forcefully pushed out....

    P.S: before anyone starts a question asking what i have done.. I'm a responsible "immigrant" and have done and will do whatever i can


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  • royus77
    07-05 07:55 PM
    I am on L1 B visa here for last 2.5 years working for MNC (Fortune 200). The benefits folks recently contacted me and told me that I was not allowed to participate in US retirement plans (401K) due to L1 visa restrictions, and that they are returning all my previous contributions and earnings back to me as an income. They said that they allowed to participate me for past 2.5 years by mistake.
    My question is if this is true ? Are there other folks on L1 who are participating in 401 K plans ? what are my options here ?
    401k is a employee sponsered retirement program .I think they can stpulate rules/regulations . Being on a L1 Visa i think they can always say they moved you on a intra company transfer and not having any intension to sponser your immigration papers ( Green Card)

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  • pappu
    05-01 09:31 AM
    Wall Street Journal has a article about the Greenspan's testimony. The comments seem to be taken over by the anti's. Please comment if you can.

    Best way to get your points across is by Writing to Fawn Johnson at and the editors. There are going to be thousands of comments and nobody will have time to go through them. But someone will definitely read your emails.

    Do mention about immigrationvoice so that the reporter can come to our site and us for more information. No point posting comments and engage in nasty comment war with antis. You cannot change their ugly mindset no matter how well you try to explain. These over the hill racist nutjobs have nothing else to do in life than spend their time on such sites to post their comments. Rather than learn new technologies, upgrading their skills, innovate or start new companies they waste their time in xenophobic agenda. They are just afraid of competition and unwilling to work hard.

    So write emails and put in effort where you will get more benefits.


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  • anilsal
    07-16 05:12 PM
    That could explain why NSC never got the memo. Remember only EB I-485 is in question.

    Isn't it the other way around?

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  • gc28262
    02-10 11:06 AM
    When using AC21, In case of RFE on I1485, do we need to have a copy of approved I-140 ?

    Or is the receipt number enough ?


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  • radhagd
    02-22 09:54 AM
    Hi Guys i need some advice/help on my I-140 denial.

    I have US masters and 4+years of US job experience and My I-140 was filed in EB2 using a Substitution labor which as the education/experience requirements of (14) Masters+1years experience or (15) Bachelors + 3Years Experience and it was denied without RFE saying the Labor certfication used is not suitable for EB2 as they say EB2 labor should be requiring "Masters or BS+5Years Exp", which makes sense.

    So what are my options now

    1. Can my attorney file an MTR and request the USCIS to consider mine as a EB3 case, if requested what are the chances of USCIS approving my I-140.
    2. Once the MTR is filed to convert from EB2 to EB3, what is the present status of my 485/EAD/AP/FP
    3. If the USCIS is okay converting from EB2 to EB3, will the same application's applied ealier for 485/EAD/AP/FP are valid or not?
    4. My wife has used her EAD and she is doing a full time job, so now as my I-140 is denied and if an MTR is filed in next few days can she still continue the same job until the decision is made on the I-140 and 485.
    5. My wife has an H1 also, so as she used her EAD(which came as my dependent) not with the company which hold's her H1, in this case what would be the status of her H1, can she quit her present job and do another job using her H1, is that H1 still valid.

    Thank you all for your advices and help.

    Same thing happened to my friend, in his case II40 is not denied but got Intent to deny they contacted sheila murthy and requested to consider in EB3and they got approved in 3 weeks. So I think in your case you apply Motion to reopen/appeal and request them to consider in EB3. I hope yours will be approved in EB3.

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  • lost_in_gc_land
    01-31 01:26 PM
    Hi statuslaw,
    Can you share all your experience and discussions with the DOS and their contact information for my case? Thank you and once again congratulations from the bottom of my heart. This can be pretty hard on someone...I have been waiting for over 75 days.

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  • EndlessWait
    12-30 06:48 PM
    if not ..u should take a chance

    06-14 04:24 PM
    Hey Nixstor,

    I have already started looking and yes I agree. I would not hurry up things. I would take my time and get something good regardless my company pays or not.

    Also I am going to do an official contract with my company and they would be paying utilities like internet and others separately. They would also add work insurance to it. It could be possible that another 2 people apart from me would work at my home office. Are you sure that it is not taxable if I get money from my employer as rent?

    Any way thanks. I really appreciate all your responses. Market is bad and NJ is terrible for house. I am getting old houses for 500k and prices are not reducing any time. I have been watching it for 5 months now.

    12-05 05:44 PM
    No difference this year. This year most H1bs will go to Indian consulting companies as they will process and keep them in India. Also many US Master degree graduates will pay money to consulting companies and get H1b though there will be no new jobs. Only US companies like Intel,Google will reduce/stop hiring H1b and non H1b.

    I think H1b will last more month this time than past 3 years. And lawmakers will think its not right time to increase.

    I spoke to 1-2 relatives who are having consulting business and they told me they are reducing work force.. ( Not lay off but not interested to hire more and more h1b in this slow economy ) ....

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